New Journey

Ive been traveling a lot this year, both for work and for pleasure. Just two weeks ago I was in NYC and now Im heading to the Bay area for a new job opportunity. Im also going to move there early next year. For the first time in 5 years Im going to switch from self employed to employee again. Thats a huge change, but sometimes its right to do so if a better opportunity comes. If you can work with

Taking Drastic Changes

While Im writing this, Im sitting in a small room in London while enjoying a fantastic (but cloudy) view outside. Ive spent the whole afternoon practicing programming after a 3 hours walk alone in the center. Im in London because Ive started a new job at a small company where we do lots of mac and iPhone programming. Before that, I was doing mostly web development full time. I was a little scary at

Low Energy? Try Vitamin Supplements

I’ve been noticing a degrade of energy on myself since the beginning of the new year. I don’t know what changed, but I used to be pretty energetic throughout the day, and now all that positive energy was gone. Some examples: I would need to sleep 9-10 hours per day, and still wake up with an alarm clock. I would have low concentration while working and driving at night, and less motivation to work

Productivity For Programmers

Ed Weissman is one of the top contributors of hacker news, a community dedicated to programmers and startup owners. He recently released a book containing his best comments on the website, which is truly a goldmine of information. You can find the free version here. Inside the book you can read about productivity, startups, work life, and more. It’s truly a book to be read (and implemented) again

New Comments And Other Changes

Edit: I plan to add the old comments in the next couple of days. Hi Everybody, Just a quick note to inform that I’ve changed the comments system to use the Facebook social plugin. Should be more fun and easy to use. Unfortunately that means that the old comments will not be displayed anymore. I still have a copy of all of them though! I’m going to make a lot of changes in the next days, as I’m working

It's Ok Not To Be An Entrepreneur

People are obsessed with money, so what do they do? They read some inspiring post and dream about what they could do if they could quit their job, live in an exotic country and get paid to do what they love.

It’s easy to sell a lifestyle like that, what they forget to say is that it seldom happen.

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