I’m writing this on the couch of my new apartment in Madrid where I’ve just moved with my buddy Adam two days ago. It’s my first time in Madrid but I already love the city and the people here. Our apartment is not in the center but we have everything we need at walking distance. Not only that, but the cost of life here is lower than in Italy. I’m very happy so far.

I’ve dreamed of moving to a new country for many years now, but I was never able to do it before. When Adam told me that he intended to move I had no doubt, I had to follow my dream and move as well.

There are many reasons why I haven’t done this before. First of all, I didn’t have a secure job that allowed me to work from everywhere. Second, until one year ago I could barely speak english, so I always thought that I would be lost in a foreign country. Turns out that I still don’t have 100% job security, but I’m motivated to work more now because there’s a bigger reason for it. I also don’t know more than a couple of words in spanish, but I’m able to run errands and buy stuff. It’s funny how sometimes simple excuses are hiding us from achieving our dreams.

It has always been like this. Before starting my first company four years ago I was very nervous. What if I would have failed? What would have I done? Turns out that my first company wasn’t a success, so I moved on and tried something else, which was more successful. I returned a few thousands euros that my dad lent me when I first started out, and that is.

It’s not only on the money side that fear comes out though. I’m still a bit nervous before doing any martial arts competition, yet I know nothing bad can happen. There must be something wrong with me right?

It turns out that each time that we’re exiting our comfort zone and trying something new, our body releases a substance that some of us interpret as fear. I said some of us because after a while you can learn to love that emotion and you’ll be more likely to try new things as a result.

I like to think of this emotion as something to conquer. Each time I want to try something new is a challenge with myself. I’ve finally quit to call that emotion fear, instead I’m now calling it freedom. Freedom to try something new, freedom to push my limits and live my dreams.

When I first realized that the sensation of fear that I was feeling when I was trying new was in reality freedom, it wasn’t easy to feel free as I still felt pain whenever I was trying something new. If you want to experience the real freedom you have to go through this initial pain, and conquer it. You can conquer your fears with practice and courage. You have a lot of courage, use it. It’s not that you have any other choice though, as life is full of challenges and it’s up to you how you take them.

When the same opportunity is presented, people tend to react in different ways. Some people will experience fear, while others will see an opportunity to grow and to experience something new. You have nothing to lose by being in the latter group.

It’s time for me to learn some Spanish now. My roommate is a linguistic and we already wrote some language learning resources, so it’s time to put them into practice and learn a new language.

If you’re located in Madrid and you want to meet, send me an email at oscar [AT] freestylemind.com. I’d love to meet new people here.