These days we are all talking about pandemic, swine flu, vaccine. There’s a lot of confusion around this topic, and it’s difficult to find the truth. Is the vaccine secure? Should you worry about the flu? How many people will die?

I’m the first to say that you can’t have an answer to all these question, but it surprises me to see that medias are so sure about what they are talking about. We have reached the point where people are not sure of anything, that’s I decided to write this story.

Note: I’ll not use real names here because I’m not in a position to do so, but you are free to do more research for yourself if you want. This story is adapted from another story I heard from an Italian radio. I just limited to validate the facts and report them here for you.

May 1997

Our story begins in may 1997. The first case of avian flu is contracted in Hong Kong. On December of the same year, 18 people are infected and 6 people die.

February 2003

There are currently 2 people infected by the avian flu, and only one death.


In 2005, the avian flu reappears in China and Russia. Suddenly, the World Health Organization estimates that the flu will cause up 7,5 millions death and that all countries should be prepared for that.

Note. From my own research, the world health organization said that it was impossible to estimate the real number of deaths, and that the 7 millions number was their best estimate. Also, the actual U.N coordinator for avian and human influenza warned that the range of deaths could be anything between 5 and 150 millions. ( source ).

Based on what studies was this alarm diffused?

October 2005

United Kingdom announces the first case of avian flu in their country.

November 2005

The president of United States says that the flu will cause 2 millions deaths in the United States

June 2006

The World Health Organization reported the firsts cases of human transmission. Again, only 8 people are infected and 0 deaths.

July 2006

First case in Spain (on birds). Researchers says that there is no danger for humans.

July 2009

Nobody talks about avian flu. So why all that alarm? Why were medias paying that level of attention to the avian flu without giving attention to all those alternative researchers that wanted to tell us the truth?

To try to understand this, we must go back again.

July 1996

There’s no trace of pandemic, avian or swine flu in the world. Company X patent a new vaccine called vaccineX.


Sig. X was nominated president of the administration of company X, and short after another company authorized company X to distribute the vaccine until the 2016, with a 10% commission.

In the following years

Sign Y left company X, but he remains one of the major shareholders of the company. His new job? Minister of the govern.


The govern approves the financing of 1.2 billion dollars to produce 20 million doses of vaccines. Yet the number of deaths on the expected period is… 0.

The number of total deaths today is only a few hundreds, nothing compared to seasonal flu (half million deaths/year).

Medias don’t talk about measles, malaria, etc, diseases that causes more than 10 million deaths per year. Yet those diseases can often be cured with drugs that costs less than 1 dollar.


Guess what’s the name of the vaccine in use today for the swine flu? vaccineX! (the same used years ago, can’t say the name). By the way, swines have nothing to do with this flu, birds are again the major vehicle.

On a related note…

Is the vaccine secure?

Are you sure that the vaccine isn’t more dangerous than the virus itself?

The goal of the vaccine is to prepare the organism against any dangerous attack. The reason vaccines can’t be ingested is because we already have plenty of antibodies and the vaccine needs to bypass them and create a sudden alarm in our body. What’s not being said is that the vaccine contains a lot of dangerous ingredients. I wont list them here but I’ll provide some resources at the end of this post.

Even vaccine promotors themselves can’t be sure of the long term dangers, because the vaccine can’t be tested for a long enough period of time (even if that would prove anything), so how can you be sure of taking it?


Again, I wont give any conclusion here. You are free to believe what you want, and do some in depth research if you are interested. Just remember to not listen to everything that has been said, even what you just read.

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