I’ve been traveling a lot this year, both for work and for pleasure. Just two weeks ago I was in NYC and now I’m heading to the Bay area for a new job opportunity. I’m also going to move there early next year.

For the first time in 5 years I’m going to switch from self employed to employee again. That’s a huge change, but sometimes it’s right to do so if a better opportunity comes. If you can work with great people and in a great environment, that’s awesome.

About this blog

You may have noticed a lack of posts lately. The reason is simple: I’m focusing on something else. I’m focusing on my programming career. I want to become really good at it and that requires a lot of time, and that’s where I’m spending my time. This blog has been a fantastic journey, a very successful one, but from day one I always said that to me journey was an experiment, a tool to get somewhere else, not a destination.

I’ll probably post here again but right now I don’t know when. For now I just want to thank everyone for being part of this journey and for making it possible. It’s hard to say how much this blog has done for me in the past years, but it’s a lot, it literally changed my life for good.

If you desire to do so, you can follow my new adventures on twitter. Thank you!