I just learned the hard way how trying to work inside your home during summer is the best way for getting nothing done. Seriously, I literally spent two hours this morning trying to do something, but my brain was in a permanent state of pain and I couldn’t get anything done. And it wasn’t a problem of motivation, indeed I knew exactly what I had to do, and I wanted to do it, but I just couldn’t concentrate and take action.

After two hours of suffering I finally decided to go outside. I took my laptop and moved to the terrace and worked from there. As soon as I did that, my brain started to perform well again, my body felt better and I could finally start to do my work. It’s incredible how a simple activity like going outside can increase your productivity.

But why does going outside help to increasing productivity? In reality is not going outside per se that helps, but rather increasing external conditions like natural light and air ventilation. Indeed you can get a similar result by just opening your window. Unfortunately for me, my room does not have enough light and ventilation even if I open the window, so I’m forced to go outside.

Next time you’re feeling like you can’t get anything done, try to go outside or to increase natural light and air ventilation in your room/office.