The last time I drank a cup of coffee was one year ago. I was curious to see if I could lower my stress level by avoiding coffee, so I started a 30 days experiment where I was not allowed to drink it. And I was right.

It’s hard to believe, but now I never feel stressed, I sleep well, and I save a couple more bucks each week. Not bad for getting rid of an addiction.

But the real question remains: If you don’t get coffee, how do you get a boost of energy and motivation?

It turns out that there’s a very simple way to replace your coffee addiction. What I found is that by taking a quick nap (up to five minutes), I can get an immediate boost of both energy and motivation.

I use this technique when:

  • I’m feeling tired but I can’t really take a long nap or sleep.
  • I feel demotivated (when I know that I should get something done but instead I continue to check email and facebook).

You can take a 5 minute nap in your bed or even in the bathroom at work. Five minutes is not a magical number, and you can try with a bit less time or more. What’s important is that you let your mind completely relax for a couple of minutes. Think of it as a quick recharge for your brain.

Next time you want to take a coffee, try this technique instead. You might end up liking it as much as I do, and you’ll be improving both your productivity and health at the same time.