Concentration is difficult to gain, and even more difficult to maintain.

Music can help us a lot maintaining concentration at work and home, so I decided to create two playlists to share with you.

To get the best out of these playlists, I strongly advise the use of headphones. Other than the sound quality improvements that you get by using headphones, you’ll also create a sort of isolation from the external world, and your coworkers will think twice before¬†interrupting¬†you if you see you wearing headphones.

The first playlist is a collection of pure concentration music, and the second one is a collection of trance music. I will likely add more titles to each playlist in the future, so make sure you add them to your favorites.

Concentration Music

This playlist is ideal both for working on difficult tasks, and also to study difficult topics. Its total length is one hours, which is usually enough for me. I tried to include more energetic music than relaxing music, as my goal is to stimulate the brain to improve learning abilities rather than feeling more relaxed.

Trance music

This playlist is ideal for speeding up your productivity. These songs provide great concentration but at at the same time they are way faster and more energetic than the first playlist, that’s why they’re not ideal for solving complex problems that require maximum concentration.


I hope you enjoy these playlists, and that you can use them to increase your productivity at work and at home. I say again that I’ll add more videos to both the playlists, so come back often to check what’s new if you are interested.

If you know of any song that you would like to see in one of these playlists, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll check them out.

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